Civilization 5 Brave New World Gameplay: Indonesia Playthrough Episode 29: Battle for Ulundi

This shit is a back and forth battle.

In this playthrough and gameplay of the brand new Civilization 5 Brave New World Expansion, I (Starsnipe) am playing as the new civilization known as Indonesia(Led by Gajah Mada). I will be trying to test out all the new mechanics introduced such as the World Congress, Works of Art, Tourism, Ideology, and more! I will also be going for a fairly faith heavy game because of my unique building the Candi which replaces the garden (It provides all the bonuses a normal garden would along with +2 faith and +2 faith for every religion that has at least one follower in the city the Candi was built). I also have the Kris swordsman which replaces the longswordsman. This unit’s special ability is it gains a unique promotion after its first battle. Some of the possible promotions are actually pretty strong, the problem is some are actually detrimental to him.


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